Happy Holidays!

This Christmas was a big one for my family–its the first time I have lived in the same state as most of my relatives for 15 years, and the first time I lived close enough to drive to my Mom’s house. No planes involved! It also marked the first time in years I traveled without my computer. I still had my iPhone, but I took a break from connectivity. At several points in the trip I turned my phone off completely and stashed it in my purse. It didn’t take long for me to forget about it altogether. I only updated my Facebook status once during our 4 day trip, but apparently I’m in rare company–Facebook was the most visited website in the UK on Christmas day, and I’m guessing things in the US won’t be much different when the numbers come out.

This site is focused on what social media means for our work lives–there are lots of other great blogs discussing how social media is affecting our communities, our families, and our selves as individuals. But I can’t tell you how refreshed I feel after skipping a few days of check-ins, updating and DMs. I didn’t miss anything and it feels great now to ease back in to the social world. So as you move through this holiday season look at how your connectivity is affecting you and the people you care for. Try to take even a tiny break if you can stand it, from work and from the web. The holidays are a great excuse to disconnect from the web and reconnect with each other.



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