Nurse Alleges Complaints about Facebook Got Her Fired

Health care workers are taking some of the most public hits over social network postings–several nurses and other medical staff have been fired for posting images or sharing information about patients online without permission. In a new twist, a nurse in Texas alleges she was fired for, among other things, complaining to management about colleagues who were posting info on the web about their patients, including a former Dallas Cowboys player.

According to an article in Outpatient Surgery Magazine:

The lawsuit details one incident in which staff posted photos of a sedated patient underdoing cardiac catheterization at Trinity Mother Frances Hospital on Facebook without the patient’s consent. Ms. Blevins and her lawyer claim that the hospital took no disciplinary action against the doctor who posted the photos and took “no steps to prevent this type of illicit behavior from re-occuring.” The plaintiff further alleges that “a pattern seems to exist where other pictures of sedated patients were posted on social networking websites, including a former player for the Dallas Cowboys.”

The nurse has filed a lawsuit against her former employer for wrongful termination.

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