“What is the Internet?” Clip Gets Employee Fired

Last week an incredible clip from an old Today Show episode popped up online. In it, Katie Couric, Bryant Gumble and Elizabeth Vargas are trying to figure out what exactly the Internet is. The 1994 news cast is now YouTube gold and made the leap back to TV–I saw it on Attack of the Show, and even the Today Show aired it and weighed in.

If you haven’t seen the clip it’s definitely worth a watch. There’s nothing embarrassing about it–the hosts of the show were simply discussing questions a huge segment of the public was thinking: what does that @ thing stand for? Is the Internet a computer? How does this email address work? It’s really quite funny. Except to the person who shared the clip. Aol News is reporting that NBC fired them because they have a history of distributing unauthorized material.

Well, company policy is company policy, but I’d love to know more on why this person was just fired if they have a history of this sort of behavior. Was senior management ashamed? It would have been inspiring to see this turn into a conversation between digital natives (like most of the audience of Attack of the Show) and their parents or grandparents, who may still have questions about the internet, all these years later. Doesn’t NBC run those “The More You Know” PSAs? This would have made a great one. Opportunity missed.


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