PR Pro in Duke Nukem Twitter Spat Speaks Out

In last week’s Roundup I posted about the PR guy for Duke Nukem, a long awaited (and widely panned) video game. Jim Render tweeted that those who wrote negative reviews would be banned from receiving future games to review, and was quickly fired. In an effort to give more context to the story, Redner wrote a guest post for Wired Magazine calling the incident a “brain fart” while attempting to explain his side of the story.

While the brain fart analogy might be true, the rest of the piece doesn’t do much to convince me (or most of the people commenting on the piece) that this was in any way an acceptable flub. In the end I’m not sure what we are supposed to take away from his post, except to feel sorry for him over the mistake, based on lines like

However, I did not physically harm or steal or disparage anyone with my Tweet. At the end of the day, I made a rash decision, but one that does not define me as a human being. Some things are more important than others. What is most important to me is that I am lucky enough to have the love and full support of my friends, family, many colleagues, journalists and one incredible woman.

Uh, okay. There’s certainly some lessons to be learned here and it looks like others will have to make the most of his experience, because the reality of it is still sinking in for him. I’m most sad that someone’s career is taking a major hit over a project that wasn’t so great in the first place.


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