Olympic Leaders Issue Social Media Policy for 2012 Games

As the world’s elite athletes begin preparing for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, the International Olympic Committee has issued a policy encouraging participants to use social networks during the games.

Coming in at four pages, the guidelines are actually quite easy to grasp considering the complexities behind the Olympic games, logos and trademarks. It’s so smart for the IOC to get in front of what is sure to be an onslaught of Tweets, status updates and now +1s about any and everything to do with the Games. In short, athletes are asked to share their experiences like an online diary, while media is asked to use SM for “bona fide reporting purposes.” Things are more restrictive in the Olympic villages where the athletes live, and of course the five rings logo is off-limits.

It will be interesting to see who enforces these rules and who the rulebreakers will be (because we know someone will break the rules). And the IOC’s guidance to “be dignified and in good taste” is a touchy-feely no-brainer that is right in line with the Olympic spirit.


One thought on “Olympic Leaders Issue Social Media Policy for 2012 Games

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