Touchdown! Top NFL Twitter Fails

It almost didn’t happen, but football season is back! With the NFL lockout earlier this year many players had a lot of down time on their hands, and as we know idle hands are the devils workshop. Unfortunately for some players that free time was just enough for them to make fools out of themselves on Twitter. So in honor of tonight’s first game of the regular season, here are a few of the most ridiculous Twitter gaffes from stars of the NFL:


Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall raised lots of pissed eyebrows AND lost a lucrative endorsement deal with Champion after he seemed to side with Osama bin Laden after his death. Mendenhall is suing Champion, saying they denied him his First Amendment right to free speech. Good luck with that one!


Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson took issue with the Lord after he dropped a game winning pass last Fall against Pittsburgh, and decided Twitter was the best place to let him know how he felt.


Chad Ochocinco loves to run his mouth and his fingers, even when the rules require something different-last year he sent a harmless message during a game about the pre-game warmup. Unfortunately the rules state-“Players can’t tweet 90 minutes before kickoff and till postgame media obligations met.” Oopsie!

With the new season getting started I can only imagine what Twitter goodness will be in store from the NFL this year! If you see any stellar madness from these athletes feel free to share in the comments.


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