Google Searches Now Cover Blog, Web Comments via Facebook

You may have noticed over the past several months more and more websites using Facebook social plugin to handle their comments. TechCrunch is a big one, and many other sites have followed suit, citing the desire to increase transparency and cut down on anonymity in comments, which often turn the chance for feedback into a miasma of racist/sexist/idiotic dreck. For a great look at the world of online comments, read this 7×7 article from May 2011.

A view of Facebook enabled comments on TechCrunch

Until this week those Facebook comments have not been searchable via Google and other search engines, but now they are visible just the same as all the other content on the page. SO, if you’ve been hoping that your controversial online comments won’t show up when people search for you, make sure to stick to sites that still use anonymous systems like Disqus, or you might find yourself explaining your opinions to your boss or a potential employer.

For more info on the technical aspects of this enhanced search function, check out Digital Inspiration.


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