Cowboys Cheerleader Forced From Twitter By Team Management

Thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving means family, overindulgence, naps on the couch–and for a lot of people football. No matter what, the Dallas Cowboys (aka America’s Team) always play on Thanksgiving. During this year’s game a Dallas cheerleader got in on the action when she was accidentally knocked down by tight end Jason Witten. Melissa Kellerman, the cheerleader in question, tweeted about the accident the following morning, which apparently did not sit well with Cowboys management. Kellerman was told to delete her Twitter account, according to news reports.

No explanation was given for the decision, and considering how benign the tweets were (see below) it looks like the Cowboys have created a story out of an otherwise non-issue that would have gone away much faster had they ignored her tweets in the first place. I hope she makes her way back to the Twittersphere soon!


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